Whilst I was on sick leave, one of my colleagues bought a Get Well card and got the colleagues I work with most to sign it. I received it on Wednesday. That’s snail mail for you, but a lovely gesture from my colleagues. This week I was asked to pop in and see a member of staff, and was presented with a lovely bunch of flowers. How sweet is that? Man did I blush! What thoughtful colleagues I have; I’m very lucky.

Apparently I do have a little infection in the wound so it’s a week on antibiotics for me and at least another 2 weeks of hospital and nurse visits. 3 weeks so far, and I can’t wait to be rid of the dressings and get some fresh air on my forehead.

Tonight I’m kid free until Sunday mid-morning, and not sure what to do with my free time. I can’t even decide what to have for dinner tonight as I’ll be cooking only for myself. Decisions, decisions… I do enjoy my free time though the dog doesn’t settle when the boy is away, and often doesn’t even eat until he comes back home. Silly dog.

Yesterday and last night we had just over 2 inches of rain. I know this because I leave buckets out to collect the rain water for the water butt, and empty them frequently. The rain woke me twice in the night and today I’m shattered. Roll on bed time.

Hope those who have sunshine are enjoying it; think of us languishing in the rain. Have a great weekend.