Yesterday was my first day back and it turned into quite a busy day with rooms being left in a mess, and equipment failures. I had my hospital check-up in the afternoon and it didn’t go that well. The clinic was running almost an hour late and it goads me that they post notes stating if you’re more than 10 minutes late they may not see you, yet the doctor’s first appointment was at 1:40 and he didn’t even turn up until 2:30; he was stuck in traffic. We have to allow for travel time and traffic, and buses that run when they feel like it, so why can’t they? I know they’re busy, but so are some of us.

Anyway, they’re not that happy with my progress and think I may have an infection. They took a swab and I should know by tomorrow. I have a prescription for some antibiotic ointment for the nurse to use when she changes my dressing. In the meantime, I have to keep attending clinic once a week, and the local nurse twice a week. I understand this could have been quite serious, but I really wasn’t expecting to have to attend so many check-ups afterwards. It’s a good job my boss is pretty laid back and understanding. Apparently they sent me a get well card that a lot of staff signed. Just wish I’d received it! Still, the gesture was nice, and it’s lovely that they thought of me.

I was only away for 2 weeks, and in that time 3 people have left. Barely a week goes by without us hearing of someone else who’s left us, either through redundancy or due to being fed up of all the mucking around. One of the people who left hadn’t been here very long and I got to work with him quite a bit. He was really nice ;) and I’m really sorry he left whilst I was away. Tall, dark, very handy. Bummer! Life goes on…

Ooh, I can add blank lines! Doesn't take much to make me happy :)