This week has been mostly spent in the hospital waiting room, or doctor’s surgery. At least, that’s what it feels like. My hospital check-up was at 1.30 on Monday. I’d removed the dressing like my leaflet said that I could, but couldn’t get it all off. The nurse removed the ‘stuck’ dressing and I waited for the surgeon to check out his work. 30 minutes past my appointment time, news came that he was at another hospital and was on his way though he was at least 40 minutes away. Eventually, the clinic sister decided to check out my wound, got another nurse to dress it, and sent me home. He was running in as I was leaving.
Wednesday I saw the practice nurse, and although I don’t have an infection at all, she said it isn’t healing that quickly, and it’s obviously still bleeding. She’s packed the ‘hole’ with a kind of seaweed candyfloss which is supposed to aid healing. I have to have it renewed every other day which is kind of tedious, especially when you’re waiting almost an hour to be seen, but I guess if it helps it along then it’ll be worth it.
They’re not happy that the dressings are still bloody, and also that work is very dirty at the moment with concrete dust everywhere – building work. Last night I managed 4 hours solid sleep which is the most I’ve had since Friday, so I’m shattered. I’ve also had an allergic reaction to the plaster so they’re trying a new type of dressing. All in all, they’ve said I shouldn’t go to work this week and Friday I’ll pick up a sick note. Suits me, I’m way too tired to work anyway and can’t bend down without getting a throbbing headache. I also can’t wash my own hair and my sister is going to come and wash it for me tomorrow.
What a nuisance I am! lol
Still can't add blank lines if I post directly from Word. I hate my blog looking like a continuous ramble!