On Friday I had my ‘minor’ surgery though quite frankly when you’re lying on the table, fully awake, and they’re tugging at your face it doesn’t feel very minor! My sister (the one who hasn’t had surgery recently) took me to the hospital, sat with me and kept me distracted, and then took me home again. My BP was quite high which is unusual for me though I did tell them I was very anxious.
I have a ‘hole’ in my forehead which was initially bigger than 1.5cm though he’s done some ‘purse string sutures’ to close the hole a little, hence my sister’s jest that I’ve had a free face lift. It certainly feels tight! Obviously I didn’t sleep very well last night and my forehead was throbbing all night. I have antibiotics though they didn’t give me any painkillers which I was surprised at. I might pop out today and get some. I need to sort some things out today as he thinks I might have 2 black eyes from the procedure. Marvellous! The surgeon also told me I could lose some of the feeling just above my forehead due to him having to cut through some nerves. This morning it does feel strange.
On the plus side, because I try to be an optimist, it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be and afterwards I just felt a little shaky and tearful. I feel okay in myself, he barely cut any of my hair off, and what’s left of my fringe covers the dressing quite well. He often offers radiotherapy after a treatment such as this, but he said I was quite young (what a nice man! lol) and shouldn’t need any. Back on Monday for a check-up, then hopefully my own GP should be able to look after me. I’ll have to talk to the surgeon about when I go back to work; I’ll have an open wound and there’s building work going on where I work. There was so much dust there on Thursday that they set the fire alarms off! I don’t need concrete dust in an open wound. Anyway, I’ll go by what he says on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend, I won’t be doing much 