My sister and I had a nice day out at the agricultural fair. The weather was sunny with a light breeze, and I was glad I’d taken my sun hat and a long sleeved shirt so that I could cover up. Coats were left in the car.

We arrived just after 9am and joined a queue waiting to get into the car park. It was marshalled well and we didn’t wait too long before we were into the showground. They had all manner of agricultural vehicles on show, a farmer’s market, and lots of tents with everything from Guide Dogs, to clothes, to food halls and craft halls. There was cheese tasting aplenty – we bought quite a lot of cheese, and wine tasting too. There was a dog show, heavy horse displays, horse jumping; so much to see and do. My sister, though only 4 years younger than me, was like a kid in a sweet shop and we barely passed an animal without her touching it! We saw a Samoyed bitch and she was so different to my dog; much shorter, with very close, short hair, and much heavier. I suspect that my dog gets far too excited about everything and that’s why he can’t keep weight on. He certainly has a good appetite!

We saw cows and a calf, chickens and ducks for sale, and a few different types of goat. All this was set in acres of ground beside the most beautiful lake. The only downer was my camera. I’d paid over £5 for a special battery for it, but after less than a dozen photos it died. The aperture won’t open, and the lens doesn’t zoom out, making the camera useless. I took a couple of shots of the lake with the sun streaming through the trees, enhanced by a charcoal maker nearby. If I can get the camera sorted or repaired I’ll post them.

We had a lovely hog roast lunch with a mediocre coffee, sat on hay bales in the sun. It was a very pleasant day. After a number of hours we took our goods and made our way back to the car. We followed the signs to the way out, drove through some very pretty villages (no idea where we were!) and eventually found a main road with signs to the motorway. As soon as we got back into Wales the heavens opened and we drove home into more rain. We arrived home tired but safe.

My sister enjoyed the day so much that she’s already asked if I’ll take her again next year. So, a good day out.