My ‘friend’ went out last night to a big family party; his Dad’s Birthday, and I confess I’m ‘put out.’ Months ago he asked if I’d like to go to the party. Work was crazy busy and I said, ask me nearer the time. These past few weeks he’s mentioned how busy he’s been helping to organise the party, but never once asked if I’d like to go. He never even told me when the party was. Thursday, he let slip that the party was on Saturday and that he had relatives staying over so they could attend. Again, he never invited me. When we had a big party for my sister’s 50th, he was invited and he seemed to enjoy himself. He’s met most of my family, but as far as his family is concerned I feel like he’s keeping me at arm’s length. Not so long ago he went to a big quiz night very close to where I live. Sounded like fun. Did I get invited? Not a chance! What do you do with somebody like that? We’ve known each other for over a year now and are pretty close, or so I thought...

After a notification on my MOT I had to buy 2 new tyres. This was in June. In July I had to buy the other 2 tyres. A lot of money! I’ve recently noticed that one of my nice new tyres was going flat and I had to top up the air. Saturday I popped into the garage and got them to check it, hoping it was a faulty valve. I’d picked up a nail! The nail had gone in at an angle and is too near the tyre wall to repair it so I had to buy a new tyre. 5 tyres in 3 months! I was so angry. Strangely, this is the second time that the same wheel has had a nail in it; luckily the previous tyre could be repaired though.

I thought I was doing so well with my budget for September and now it’s been blown out of the water. I’m still looking forward to the day out with my sister; which reminds me, I have to get a battery for the camera; though I’ll have to raid my savings now. I need a better paid job lol.

Had to get that ‘stuff’ off my chest. Feel slightly better now.