Today I am being driven mad by scurvy dogs with leaf blowers. Honestly, what is the frelling point of blowing leaves around? (frelling – ‘swear’ word from Babylon 5). If they blew the leaves into a pile and then collected them, I’d understand but to just blow them off the paths? Hello! The wind is just going to blow them back again!

It’s like men and their power tools in general. No offence guys but give a man a power tool… Not so long ago I took offence at the stair carpet and decided to remove it. I can only assume the person who laid the carpet had a staple gun as I’d never seen so many staples just to hold a piece of carpet in place!

The scurvy dog that is my colleague finally sent me the details I need for me to do my job properly. I’ve found the perfect way to get him to respond to requests – copy our boss in. I don’t like to do it, but if that’s what it takes…

It was a fraught weekend, with my sister being rushed back in to hospital and back in to surgery. I won’t horrify you with the details and she’s being sent home later on today so all must be okay again, for now at least. I cut short my visit with my friend on Saturday to visit her, but before I could get there she’d been taken to surgery so I visited on Sunday instead.

Speaking of my friend, he keeps texting me to tell me he’s going out and where. Then he texts to tell me he’s home. Today he even texted to tell me he was having lunch. WTF? I’m starting to feel crowded! I’m not seeing him over the bank holiday weekend as I avoid all traffic and people on bank holidays. It’s my day to relax at home and laugh at others in traffic – I know; I’m a bad pussycat lol. It’ll save me petrol money and quite honestly I need a break. I have a bad neck and shoulders from being tense – between my sister, a very busy time in work, and worrying about my own procedure I need time to wind down and relax.