Yesterday I was involved in student exams. It was set to be a busy week, with exams being doubled up on despite my informing staff that I was on my own due to other staff on leave. The morning went relatively well though I despair of people who can’t follow a simple instruction written in black and white, and also verbally informed. Needless to say, I was strict with them lol. The problem came after the exams whereby I should have been able to access the results for the tutor. My colleague neglected to forward me the instructions despite me asking twice, and I swear he does it to make me look bad! In the end, I managed to get the information I needed but it took me almost an hour of interrogating the system. Meanwhile, a member of staff turned up with another candidate with no notice and expected me to drop everything and set up for the exam. I’m afraid I spat the dummy/threw a hissy fit. I was up to eyes in work thanks to my absent colleague and had to stop what I was doing, set them up, then hang around whilst they completed the exam.

The biggest problem with having a hissy of course is that it’s not professional and I had to apologise afterwards. Thankfully they took it with good grace, though I did inform my manager of the extra workload due to my colleague not sending me the instructions that I had asked for.

This morning my son collected his AS results, and though I tried, I’m afraid I couldn’t hide my disappointment. He’s passed his subjects but they are not good passes. He has to see a career’s advisor early next month though he should be fine to proceed to the final year in school. He’ll have to knuckle down and work hard though if he hopes to pull up his grades! His father has offered support and coaching, though what use that will be when he effs off to Australia in 2 months’ time is beyond me!