Yesterday I took the day off to help my sister with some housework. Now, let me get this straight; I offered, and I was happy to help her out, however when I got there I found her daughter, who is 20, was also home that day. She still lives at home. Why she couldn’t have helped her Mother with the housework is quite beyond me! I put out the recycling, emptied the bins around the house, vacuumed the whole house except for my niece’s bedroom, took my sister out food shopping, helped make lunch, and washed up afterwards. The reason I didn’t vacuum my niece’s room was that it was such a tip that I couldn’t even see the floor! It looked like a bomb site. I reasoned that if she wants to live in a pigsty, then who am I to deprive her of that! Honestly, I’ve never met such a self-absorbed, selfish, lazy, messy person as my niece.

My son hates to clean up his room, by his own admission, so he never makes a mess in there; seriously! He rarely eats in his room, and puts his clothes away though he lacks the ‘folding clothes gene’ that I have lol. I confess I dust and vacuum his room, though he does other ‘chores’ such as lay the table, then clear the table at the end of the meal. He always dries the pans after a meal too, and will put the oven on to preheat if I’m a little late home. He takes his turn to walk the dog (unlike my niece). In short, I have him well trained! Now, if only I could persuade him that ironing is fun…

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the first full dry day that we’ve had in ages. I know I was complaining about the heat and humidity, but the amount of rain we’ve had recently is beyond a joke. I have 5 buckets on the patio collecting rainwater for the water butt, and on Monday I collected the equivalent of 2 full buckets of water. In one day!
Oh well, back to work. It was a tedious, cold morning in work and I’m hoping for a better afternoon. Enjoy your afternoon/evening/day depending on where you are in the world :)