Today (Tuesday) is the second day of my son’s Work Experience and so far he’s enjoying it. The plan today is for him to take some PC’s apart and then put them back together; this is the kind of work I used to do and I’m a little envious that he gets to ‘play’ with IT hardware. He also told me that due to the amount of tech they have, that the offices are all air conditioned; now I really am envious! Lol For myself, this week will have been an expensive one: by the end of the week I’ll have added 200 miles onto my car, I’ve also had to buy him some tidy clothes though obviously he’ll be able to wear them again, and he’s taking money in, in case he needs it. On the plus side, he is getting some useful experience of how the work place functions, and if it encourages him to get a job as soon as his A levels are over, then I won’t complain.

On Sunday we had a big get together for the family. Ostensibly it was to celebrate my niece’s up and coming Birthday, but all 13 of us knew it was really a ‘just in case party.’ My sister and sister in law put on a great spread, as always, though my sister was unable to eat any of it and just drank some disgusting looking liquid from the hospital. All being well, she should be having her operation today, and I’m ‘indulging’ in displacement therapy.

Displacement – I can’t afford to go shopping, my body can’t afford comfort eating, so I’m engaging in what I often do when I’m worried or anxious about anything: cleaning! So far I’ve undertaken the hour long round trip for my son, done two loads of washing, cleaned my son’s room within an inch of its life, cleaned the bathroom, swept the stairs and lounge (no carpet), done the recycling, walked the dog... and it’s not even 12 noon! It’s going to be such a long day until I hear that my sister is okay. Any positive thoughts gratefully received, thank you.

Take care, keep cool if you have this unbearable hot weather, and enjoy the rest of your day.