Whilst I was on Multiply, I often did a ‘pirate’ themed blog. I don’t live on a ship, just to clarify, though doing the occasional rambling, mad blog has its appeal:

Today will see the ‘visitors’ in work leaving. They’ll be set adrift, with a paddle if they’re lucky, and with any luck the scurvy dogs will sail back to the country from whence they came. I have to admit; I’ll be glad to see the back of them. They’ve been noisy, disruptive, and have left litter all over the ship. If they’re supposed to be ambassadors for their country then I’m not impressed!

I’ll be on leave next week, and in between ferrying my son to and from work experience, I’ll be trying to get the place ship shape. I know a lot of us work hard, but yesterday I was dusting the bedrooms before work, at lunchtime I yawned my way around the shop for some salad stuff for the galley, and after work I did a mountain of ironing. No wonder I’m exhausted by 10pm!

If I had the spare money (insert man rolling on floor laughing) I’d sail away to a more temperate region and live an idle life, just seeing where the winds take me. I’m often a bit rootless and my son is my anchor here. It’s long been a dream of mine to sell up and buy a motorhome and just drive, or if I’m sticking to the theme, a small boat and see where the winds blow me. No idea where I’d go, though New Zealand appeals. Maybe when he’s grown up and has a life of his own… A girl can dream.

I hope you’re enjoying the sun if you have it. It’s 22C today and no wind so it’s a bit stifling for me and the dog. Maybe later I’ll chase him around the deck with a watering can; he’ll like that; he has a great sense of fun and likes to be chased. I often wish I had his energy. Take care out there in the sunshine and have a good weekend.