I’ve long said that people don’t ‘go’ mad, that they are ‘driven’ mad. I’m one of those people that long for peace and quiet in an increasingly noisy and busy world. Take my new neighbour… please! We had an old lady live 2 doors down. She often said hello, and was always polite and above all, quiet. Unfortunately she died a couple of months ago and now we have a young family instead. The first 4 days after they’d moved in they had a party every single night that went on until at least 11pm – by that time I’d fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion! The other side of this is that my other neighbour – a milkman – wakes me anytime between 2.30am and 5am as he goes in and out of his house slamming doors as he goes, or revving his diesel truck.

Work isn’t usually too bad, especially this time of year, but for the past 3 weeks we’ve had ‘visitors’ in work and they are a pain in the butt. There are hoards of them, all noisy, and this morning we are being subjected to loud, thumping music coming from the room that they’re in. We’re supposed to be working! I’ve given up, hence writing a blog. I certainly can’t do anything that requires even an ounce of brain matter as I can’t think straight.

I’m off all next week, and I’m counting the days! I just hope it cools down a little for my ‘holiday.’