Well it seems my ex has decided to 'take the money and run.' I wish I could do the same, but I wouldn't get enough money and I'd worry about getting another job. He plans to run off to Oz with the money by the end of the year. Big dreams, I just wonder if they'll amount to anything. In the short term, he's going to give me the maintenance he owes me for our son, though he does plan to 'screw' me out of about £1,000 as he thinks it 'isn't fair'. People often wonder why I'm still single. Well it's hard to begin a serious relationship when you're still being screwed by the old one. On that note, where have the emoticons gone?
I confess I'm angry about it but I can't do anything about it. If I 'make a fuss' he'll just put his money in hiding and then our son won't get any of it. Oh well.
I'm not against love, but I'll never ever be financially 'connected' to a man again. One spendthrift is enough for a lifetime.
So, whilst I languish in the UK winter, my ex and his wife will be sunning themselves in Oz. It must be lovely to have no conscience and to eff off and leave your financial and parental responsibilities behind...
On the bright side, at least I'll probably never have to see his face ever again. Now there's a thought to make me smile :)