No one will ever know how important Jesus is to me & what strength he gives me.

For a long time, & mainly due to my own doing, i have thought of myself & anything I do as a failure.. that i'm not going to do anything exciting & i'll just be little ol' me.

I just managed to pass NCEA Level 1 & didn't pass NCEA Level 2 until this year & am pretty far off my credit count for Level 3. I missed out on my learner's the first time i went for it. My first exam for Surf Life Saving was a complete joke & i failed that horribly.

I was not at all talented in any way... everyone in my family plays sport or is talented with music, dance, etc. Me? Nothing exciting.

I was starting to freak out about my future & some of my friends know how worried I was. I'm not saying that I'm the only person that this has happened to, i'm just saying.. I had no idea how i'd cope with it.

I don't want to fail anymore & now that i've actually given my attention to God & worked towards spending more time with Him, I know that I can do all things in Christ Jesus who gives me strength.

It's toward the end of the year now, I wish I had been successful with everything earlier on, but how would God be able to show me that He's working in my life if that happened?

Everything happens for a reason... a very cool, exciting, mysterious reason. Thank you Lord for caring about me & my life & knowing me inside & out. Lots of love, Rox. xoxox ♥