Yesterday, November 23 2007, on television (Viasat History) there was this program about how the war in Iraq started. It was in 2003, less than five years ago. It is already history. Time is closing in.

It was a good television program, very solidly made with interviews with many of those who made the actual decisions on three sides (USA, England and Iraq).

The program made very evident the situation for those making the military decisions on place. It was a combination of extreme military force and extreme mental confusion. Normally that would be considered mad. Here it was normality.

The invaders expected the people in Iraq to welcome them and do the actual fightning against their dictator Saddam Hussein. Instead the invaders met military resistance. Small miscalculation, hardly more than 100 percent of 100 possible.

The military campaign was nevertheless the most "successful" part of the war in Iraq so far. But as we know, the war created a lot of problems, The military changed the situation in Iraq but they could not install a positive alternative.

This is the lesson from Iraq, that we need awareness rather than military force. And the basis for awareness is truth.

If we do things out of ignorance, deception or outright lies we might fool others (world opinion) for some time, but only for a very short time. Acting on lies is doing wrong and soon enough being disclosed as lier.

They say that the first victim in a war is truth. But then, the second victim is the lier. We live in a dangerous world, maybe, and it is particularly dangerous for those who used deceptive means.