We purchased our 1965 Aristocrat Lo-Liner trailer in June 2007. We were preparing for a week-long camping trip at Yosemite National Park while our daughter was working as a counselor at a nearby summer camp. We knew we didn’t want to stay in a tent for a week and looked for a nice, cheap trailer. Bob found our Lo-Liner on a Craigslist ad. We purchased it for $600. It was in good shape and included an electric dorm-style fridge. With a few minor improvements it was road-worthy. Our little trailer was great for our trip to California!

Interested to learn more of our vintage camper Tammy searched the internet. Our trailer still has its “Von’s RV - Seattle” sticker on the back. From the web she found the RV business was still going and discovered that the founder was quite a character of interest. Neal Vonada started Von’s RV and had a website with a variety of photos, facts and stories (http://www.grandpatime.itgo.com/photo.html). With Neal’s encouragement, Tammy started the Aristocrat forum as there was little to be found online. Our group had to change providers as several went out of business (MSN to Multiply and now at Ipernity). We didn’t realize how many Aristocrats were out there. Of course, since they were manufactured in California there is a concentration of them on the West Coast. In 2013 Tammy started an Aristocrat Pinterest site that quickly gained interest from other Aristocrat owners, vintage and trailer lovers as well fellow camping enthusiasts.

As we realized the growing popularity of vintage trailers we found on the internet the Oregon trailer group “Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailers.” We proudly brought our little Lo-Liner to our first vintage trailer rally in 2008 at Sunnyside Campground at Foster Lake in Sweet Home, Oregon. It was fun to be with others who had the same interest of camping and in enjoying and preserving vintage trailers. We love the annual “big” gathering each year and other rallies.

Coming up on July 12-14, 2013, they are excited to host an Aristocrat Rally in Sutherlin, Oregon, at the Hi-Way Haven RV Park. This historic gathering is the first Aristocrat event since they were first built in the late 1950’s. The public is invited to join us Saturday from 1:00-4:00 pm for the rally open house and wine tasting.