Do things come in twins? Or just people?

I see my sister has been away, & her husband has been cooking up a storm of great blogs--I have only scanned them--but they're always great. I've been away too, well not really, only to the ER. Hit by a DUI on my way home from the village store. Hm. Maybe it was one of those horrid villagers & I was his target? I suggested this to the police, but they just wagged their heads & kept writing on their little clipboards. (They were probably writing about me with burrs in my beard & a haggard look from the trauma.)

Truffle's nose was to the door when they brought me home,mewing anxiously, & ever since, I swear she's reluctant to leave me to use her litter tray. She always seems in great haste. She has great distaste for my walker, an ugly thing with two wheels in the front. How can anyone walk clumping about like that?

Seems my leg was injured. It feels like it's bent backwards & I've lost my knee. In fact, I <i> know </i> I lost my knee, they just wouldn't tell me, & they've kept it. Pain pills make me goofy--as you can see--but all I've been doing for weeks is lolling about plotting my game if a villager shows up, eating micro soup & enjoying Truffle's loving attention. (Truffle is still eating cavair, smoked salmon & the like as I stocked up.)

Oh. Try lifting a litter tray when you're using a walker. <i> We do what we must. </i>

Hi to whatever friends I've got left & cheerio. Hope to see someone soon.