Sometimes the fog is far heavier than this, so dense one can't see one's hand in front of one's face. I love to walk in that dense fog; refreshing without drenching to the bone like rain. Although I love rain, too.

I've learned to know, I believe, every tree & stump some distrances from my cabin. Just recently I walked a further distance from the parameter with which I am familiar. Truffle, as always was on my shoulder. I felt the sudden tight grip of her paws, & she put her nose in my ear with a voice I've never heard before. A warning, or perhaps only an alert? There in a circle of soft amber lantern light, sitting on his stoop, knees bent up to his chin was a very old man. Or so he seemed. A riflle was braced beside him from the top of the first step, ready at his right hand.

I raised my hand in friendly greeting. He spat upon the step. I walked on by. A wise thing to do, I thought. So--someone else is living in 'my' forest? He may have been here before me. ( Then again, was this Sigurd in disguise? )

Nothing further to say about him to date.

Is anyone familar with "Forest Murmurs"? Wagner. Look it up. You won't be disappointed. It's beautiful.

The forest murmurs all of the time, softly, gently, except for Bluejays & barking grey foxes. Oh well, the occassional mountain lion, (or cougar) who make many sounds, similar to house cats, (well, some! ) but much louder.

We have an abundance of frogs! (Truffle especially likes these.) She's always inquisitive, but never overtly. I find her air of 'disdain' quite charming.

Now, I think I have a problem. I believe an owl has nested in my chimney. I refuse to smoke them out, but what shall I do with my fireplace? It's cold & damp now. Any ideas? There is a northern spotted owl in the forests, a threatened species. Once nested, I don't believe the nest can be moved or the 'parents' would abandon it.
I'm really between a rock & a hard place....