I need a fix, my bones itch, my toes twitch
Arms behind my head on this dirty bed
It's been too long, my passion is strong
Who will I love next?
I have a hunger that will not slumber

Perhaps the girl who goes to the store
Every night at seven
What innocent face, she belongs in heaven
I love her long blonde hair drifting
Her little feet quietly quietly lifting
Along the empty street

Instant coffe, hot water from the tap and wait
My blood is hot as I stand by my gate
The street is dark, the song is in my head
All the shops are closed and shuttered all the streets
Are dark and bare...scarlet scarlet riboons...

As she passes I reach out gently, she pulls away
Delicate lips parted to scream, why is she afraid of me?
My fingers feel her teeth beneath my hand to quiet her
Knife blade gleams in lamplight, blade to save her
And appraise her beauty, she welcomes me not!

Her soft white throat flows deep warm blood I taste
She is like all the others who cannot see the intimacy
Joining of taking into oneself the life, the blood, breath
Of another; my passion spent
She lies a crumpled doll on the pavement

Why did she not know how much I loved her?

Yet I know our spirits are forever connected
That's why I'm here, to show my love
As no one else will do
A bond of love forever
The next may well be you

If the hounds of idiots don't trace my scent
And understand with repent
No greater love than this
To take into one's heart life's flow and soul of another
I know the ecstacy, why don't you?