An unstructured life is a wonderous thing. No appointments to keep, no specific time to sleep or eat. I am loving it!

I always maintain a large cleared area of underbrush around the cabin. I do keep a 'clump' of ferns here & there for aesthetics, & I'm also not fond of cutting things down. This is pertinent to Truffle.

Last I went out for my stash of supplies, the most unpredictable idea came to mind. Could I walk Truffle on a leash? I purchased a leash & a harness. I put them on the floor, ignoring them so she would have a chance to sniff them out in case they might bite. She played with the leash, but seemed puzzled by the harness. I put the harness on the table by my chair so I could reach it when next she jumped into my lap.

Then I held it in my hands--carelessly--you see, I wasn't sure how she would react. She rubbed it with her nose. A very good sign.

The gist of all of this, is that I take Truffle out for a walk almost every day. (She slipped into the harness as if she had been doing so all of her life.)

Now, a rather endearing thing, is that she has learned to open the cupboard where I keep them, & she pulls them out & lays them at my feet when she wants to go for a walk. She also likes to ride on my shoulder at times, (& I keep a very tight grip on the leash although I wonder if there is any need to.)

Where did this marvelous cat come from? I feel as if we have been waiting for each other--for the right time to come--& it has. Out of accident/s & forced retirement, this magic feline is sharing my hermitage.

No, I've not gone 'dotty.' I still read a great deal, (books with bindings, not the internet)! I am also writing a novel "A Person of Interest." (Not me, but as in crimes.)
Now & then I check on the world, & it is always the same. I listen to the wisdom of The Ancient Ones, (redwoods for anyone who doesn't know me), & to music. Yet, Truffle is in some way guiding--going with me--in this phase. I am opening, & perhaps also softening my edges.