I walk through the sky every night on my way to dawn
And in my dreaming pass countless stars upon the way
Aurora's skirt my trail upon the coast that marks the northern
And meets the rainbow as it dips to earth
In myriad colours as my eyes flash into light
Clouds give way to sun and darkness disappears
As once again the day takes hold anew
My feet refreshed begin a firmer course.

-by Father Albert Jungers

* Inspired by my friend, Dragon, Don Jovanovic

From my vantage point in life so recently, I realize that Al knew me far better than I thought I knew myself.
Those footsteps, shadows & mirrors in my poems--I felt were looking for a man who wasn't there. He was.
I also just realized how similar this poem is to Al's dedication to my sister---Moment at Arundel. Although
this was an Alexandrine, a 'tribute' to her mastery in that form, it seems he saw us both as looking to the

I am deeply honoured, Al, my friend. I will never forget you.