I've made a decision, I don't think I'll be posting here any more. I don't really think I'll be missed, I don't have that many contacts here and most of those are also contacts in other places.
Anyhow...........if you want to keep in touch I'm here


and here


I tried, but somehow I never really got to grips with this site the way I have with others. And to tell the truth, there is no other site like Multiply, I doubt there ever will be and no matter where we end up, it will always be second best.
I've retired now and that seems to leave me even less time than I had before, I'm entering photo competitions, painting competitions and having a ball with the grandchildren. I'd like to stay in touch, so if you do decide to pay me a visit at either of the two links, that would be great

au revoir my friends

Loretta :-)