I have spent the last few hours playing with this little samsung tablet. I think it is wonderful.

The tablet I bought from ebay will be returned, but not without some argument with the seller. First he repaid £5.00 into my account and asked if I would give him excellent feedback before I even recieved the tablet. Then when it didn't work properly, instead of sending me a return address which is what I asked for, he offered me £10 compensation. I then threatened to report him and he sent the return address but he also asked if I could sell it to one of my friends at a reduced price for him instead of returning it. Once I have my money back I will report him anyway because I don't like the way he does business.

Anyway................the samsung does every thing I want it to do. I have taken pictures with it and posted them together with little comments to facebook and all my other social network sites. I've also downloaded the skype ap which means I can make video calls to my grandchildren while I'm away. The reason I wanted a tablet was to keep in touch with family while I travel and so that I could continue posting and keep in touch with all my online friends.
Now for the bad news, the only social networking site that does not work with mobile phones or tablet pc's is .... yep you've guessed, this one. There is no way Ipernity allows you to post any thing from a tablet, therefore, sadly, I won't be posting any thing here while I'm away. I leave tomorow evening, I hope to a bit more in the garden tomorow morning and then do a garden update before I go. But if I don't have time for the garden update...............this is me signing of for a month