I think I’ve finally caught up with my self. Yesterday was sunny, no rain and no wind, I spent the whole day in the garden. (Garden blog to follow shortly).
Today I couldn’t get out in the garden; we had gale force winds that would have blown me away. Today I’ve spent the day on the computer, I think I’ve caught up here and am finishing off the day with a couple of new posts.
That wonderful red shiny thing at the top of the page is my new camera, it arrive in the post today. It’s a Fuji S4500 specification as follows……………
• 30x optical zoom
• 24mm wide-angle lens
• 14 megapixel CCD sensor
• 3 inch, hi-res LCD screen
• Up to ISO 6400
• 720p HD movie recording
I’m totally in love with it; it’s a very long time since I’ve had a decent camera. It’s destined to be my new travelling companion. The next thing I’m looking for is a ‘tablet’; apparently that’s the correct terminology, its somewhere between a cell phone and a laptop. I’m thinking a 10 inch would do me nicely. I think one of those will give me the ability to keep up with every one, post travel blogs and photos, check emails, do a little basic Google and all while remain well within the strict weight/ size limits imposed by travelling. I can’t afford the iconic ipad, but there are plenty of tablets out there that are quite similar and half the price. I’m at a bit of a loss a far as buying this essential piece of equipment goes, ‘tablets’ and suchlike are really not my area of expertise so if any one has any suggestions, please………….let me know.