The new bathroom is installed, plumbed in and working beautifully thanks to my daughter and her hard working partner. I have been away from my house for more than a week. They started last Monday and didn’t leave until almost ten tonight.
There is one wall that was not tiled and I’ll be hanging the wallpaper myself as soon as I can. Wednesday I’m off to buy the finishing touches, bathroom cabinet, chrome loo roll holder, chrome bin, etc but for now…………….I have a house full of dust to clean. I’ve been a bit of a nomad this last week, camping out at different daughters houses on different days, and while I’m away its quite difficult for me to use the computer.
But I’m home now and even though it’s pretty late, I’m about to make a start on the cleaning, it could take a while……………..:-)
This must be the best retirement present any one has ever recieved.