I am so cold today; I’ll swear the temperature is lower now than it was in January. It should be illegal be this cold so close to April. We have this constant icy wind, gusts of sleet and snow and biting cold. The snow doesn’t lay, it just makes every thing wet and cold and miserable. I had an expedition to the shops today; groceries were getting a bit low. It was the first time I’d ventured out since surgery, well apart from my daily sprint along the garden to take the recycling and composting out. I bought a hat while I was in town. It’s one of those Peruvian looking knitted hats with ear flaps and little knitted cords hanging either side of the face. I think I must have looked a bit bizarre but at least I was warm.
And on a brighter note, my lovely daughter and her very generous partner have decided to buy and fit a new bathroom for me as a special retirement present. Wow………..what a surprise that was. Therefore, I’ve decided to stop stressing about what’s not getting done in the garden and concentrate on what I can do in the house. I’ve decided to prepare the bathroom for its radical face lift. I’ve unscrewed all the shelves and cabinets, taken them off the wall and stored them in the shed. I’m half way through stripping the old wallpaper and when I’ve finished that, I’m going to paint the bathroom ceiling. Hopefully al this physical work will take my mind off the cold.
But for now…………..music that makes me feel cheery and summery