I wanted to put the picture first and the text underneath it, but it doesn't want to work that way. I have two more pictures of the same deer, but it won't let me post them here, so I may have to make two more articles out of it.

It was a bright sunny day, about 11:30 AM, when this lady came waltzing in like she owned the place. Not wanting to spook her, I shot the pictures through the window pane. This one came out pretty good, considering, but the other two came out kind of foggy, probably because I tried to zoom in too close. The blue flowers behind her are wild irises, they grow like dandelions all over the marsh since I started mowing it once a year.

Well, I tried to make another article, but it wouldn't accept either of the two other pictures. The good news is that it is letting me put text under the picture now. You can see the other two pictures in my photo section.

There wasn't much she could hurt in this patch because it was almost all sunflowers that I had planted too close together and needed to thin anyway. She did take a bite of sunflower sprouts, but then she went back to eating the wild stuff along the edge of the patch. Then she headed for my transplants, but walked right past them on her way to the corn patch. She didn't hurt the corn any, probably because she couldn't find it in the weeds. She did step on one of the pansies that I had planted in another patch, but I think it will recover.