The snow is gone, the frogs are singing, and wild rabbits are chasing each other round and round the house, so I guess it's really spring now. It will be another month before we can safely plant a garden, but at least we can see the ground, and that's a start. The temp got up to 70 F yesterday, which was the first time this year. It didn't make it quite that high today, but it was a nice day anyway. The daffodils are up, but not blooming yet. We had some crocuses blooming, but the aforementioned wild rabbits ate them.

Yesterday I set up the log splitter and today I tried it out. Started with one pull! I had some odd jobs to take care of, and I have to go to town tomorrow, but I should be able to make a serious start on the log pile after that. The pile is kind of helter-skelter this year, so it's hard to tell if I've got enough, but I think that I do. I shut down the wood furnace a few days ago. We only use it about six months of the year because it's too hard to control when you just need a little heat for a few hours, so we let the gas furnace handle that.

I've got a guy coming out this week to fix the roof leak that I tried to fix myself a week ago. One more job that advancing age and incompetence has forced me to delegate, but I can't complain. Hey, I'm still alive, reasonably functional, and it's spring time in God's Country. Life is good!