There's not much that's been happening here of late. I still stay awake at night and sleep during the day. I don't want to change my sleeping rhythms because I hope Luci will be back soon. Eight hour time difference. I call her most nights by telephone but just for short periods. A five minute 'phone call is not too bad but half an hour or more at a time five days a week starts to add up. California seems a long way away at the moment.

I pass the time by reading the newspapers and watching films on YouTube. Mysterious Island by Jules Verne last night. And Flash Gordon Goes To Mars starring Buster Crabbe and made somewhere in the 1930's. The latter is a bit of a nostalgia trip for me. When I was still in short pants Flash Gordon was shown on the Saturday morning cinema just at the bottom of the street in weekly instalments. It cost eleven pence for two feature films, Pathe News and the serial. I suspect my parents were happy to pay that to get me out from under their feet for a few hours.

I try to sleep during the day when the woman next doors stereo allowes me. On Thursday it was banging through my walls from 11.30am until 4.30pm. The paintings on my wall moved out of kilter because of the vibration. It seems she thinks she doesn't live in a house. She lives in a disco. I've dithered for weeks but finally I've spoken to environmental health and they'll write to her and warn her to pack it in. If she doesn't they have the authority to confiscate her stereo.

The traveller who cuts my grass arrived a day late but I was glad to see him. The grass at the back was almost three feet high. Rain and sunshine. Roll on the Winter. He's a nice bloke and offered to do my front grass for nothing but I'm not having that. I pay for what I have and am indebted to no one.

The bunch of kids from across the road are still playing their football in the street and kicking their ball into my garden. They pick it up and leave my gate swinging open which infuriates me. I told them more than once that they're fine to get their ball if they'll just shut the bloody gate when they leave. They don't seem to get the idea.

I woke up this afternoon and the gate was open. When I went out to close it there was a chair in my garden. Apparently their ball was stuck in my tree and they'd been standing on the chair and poking around with a stick trying to look for it. I dearly hope they've not disturbed my pigeons nest. At this time of year there may very likely be chicks up there.

Things are sometimes hard but I'm not giving up.