Still not up to writing anything but I thought I'd like to share this link. I can't post full sized pictures on Ipernity so just putting the link up is probably better.


Here's the text of the article anyway.

"Unprecedented floods have raged across the Balkans affecting over a million people. Fleeing in panic, in packed boats and trucks, many owners could not bring their animals along – but others courageously risked their own lives to save beloved pets.

Stunned by the scale of the natural disaster and the courage of locals trading their own safety to rescue their beloved pets, people are uniting online under the hashtags #HelpSerbia, #HelpBalkans #HelpCroatia, #HelpBosnia and others – to spread the word and try to secure some help for those in distress.

Many reputable organizations are accepting donations, including Red Cross Bosnia, Red Cross Croatia, Red Cross Serbia, Novak Djokovic Foundation, Government of Serbia and Association Pomozi. Serbian embassies around the world are also collecting donations."