I know I've not been around much lately but frankly I've not been too well. Woke up a few nights ago at two in the morning feeling incredibly ill. Since I'm sleeping on my sofa at the moment I made a run for the back door and the garden but I'm afraid I didn't make it. You don't want to know the details. Spent the next hour or so retching in the kitchen. Lucky I had a bench and a bucket.

I've got this sheet of mylar in a sort of mesh between my left groin and my ribs holding some of my insides inside. The mylar's about eight inches across. Managed to rip the stitches with all the illness so now I've got bruising from the internal bleeding. That's pretty painful but getting better.

Rang Ian (my doctor) on Friday morning and he came 'round after surgery. He reckons the mylar will form new tissue around it on its own which is a bit of a relief as I didn't fancy more surgery. He's changed my medications too. Notified the pharmacy on Tuesday and they'll bring the new stuff 'round on Wednesday. We've had this bank holiday weekend which delays things quite a bit.

I'm very hungry but the thought of eating makes me feel sick. I've ordered some stuff from my grocers and that'll be delivered first thing Thursday morning. Sandwich making things. Sliced bread that I can make with salad and some mild fillings, Chicken and stuffing spread, that sort of thing. Pot noodles. Some TV dinners for when I feel up to it. I spoke to Luci a short while ago and she reminded me about kippers so I've ordered some of those too. They're not greasy and they're full of omega3 oils which are supposed to be good for you. I'm quite looking forward to them.

Luci is doing well enough and seems quite cheerful. She also seems quite heavily medicated. Started telling me that this bloke called Sicrit had been visiting her and bringing her flowers. She hasn't seen Sicrit in about ten years and he would have no clue (even if he was still alive) that she was in a nursing home or where it was.

Anyway, while I was sitting up and feeling miserable on Thursday I ran across this video and found it hilarious. If you have a sound card it's well worth watching. About two minutes long. It's in russian but there are english subtitles.

Who knew the russians had a sense of humour......:)