This is just a 'squib' as we used to say in the newspaper trade. I little filler to fill in a gap in the newspaper. It was something Summer said in her latest blog and it made me remember a thing from my past and I fell about laughing.

You see, years ago I used to have this model agency. It was just part time, weekends. I had a small studio at the back of my house and a larger one above a shop across the road. Funny enough there was never any shortage of models. I'd approach a likely looking suspect in the pub or the street and ask them if they'd like to pose for me. "Oh yes" they'd say "And do I need to take my clothes off?" I'd tell them "Ja. Of course." And then they'd accept. Never failed.

I'll tell you'd be surprised what sexy underwear some girls have at home. Makes you wonder..........:)

Anyway, one morning I'm off to my proper job at the hospital and I see I'm being followed. It was a ten mile drive to work and this car stayed with me all the way. I have a firearms certificate and authorisation to carry a concealed weapon because of my work in the army. There's probably a lot of people who'd like to see me face down in a ditch.

This went on for a couple of days and so I got in touch with my local peeler. I didn't know if these followers were potential burglars or somebody who'd like to see me with the back of my head missing.

Bob the Bobby laughed his head off. Apparently it was the vice squad who thought I was running a brothel from home. I asked him to put 'em straight but he wouldn't do it. He was having too much fun watching them follow me around.

Life's just an exciting bowl of cherries isn't it?