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Solar powered torches. What's that all about? Who needs a torch when the sun is shining?

And there's solar powered laptops too. Has anybody ever told these people that it rains in most of the world and they're not much use when they get wet? About the only place you can use them is in the middle of the Kalhari desert. If you're sitting there on the dried brown grass and surrounded by boney cows I should think the last thing on your mind would be logging on to Facebook or checking YouTube for the latest videos.

And then there's those wind up radios. Invented by a bloke called Bayliss I believe. Why should I buy something that's specifically designed to wind me up? What do they do, transmit the sound of politicians all day? If I want to be wound up I'll just open a newspaper.

And patio heaters. How crazy it that? If it's so cold that you need a heater why not just stay inside with the doors closed? And when you think about it why try to warm the entire planet so that you can sit outside in your undershirt and shorts. Haven't these people ever heard of gerbil warming?

And leaf blowers. What's wrong with a garden rake? I'm sitting here with low energy lightbulbs trying to save the planet from those gerbils and there's some bloke with a diesel engine on his back blowing hot air out of both ends of himself.

I just had to post that video of Toyah Wilcox because I know her. Well, I sort of know her because I was looking for her husband, Bob Fripp, years ago and she answered the 'phone. We've never met but we used to exchange 'phone calls quite often after that. Once she called me at two in the morning because Bob was in Spain and I was the only bloke she knew who'd be likely to be awake at that time of night.......:)