It'd be the early seventies and I was leading my troop along a declavity (we were often deployed as dismounted infantry). Suddenly there was some fire from the left flank and I was hit in my upper arm. A rubbish round that didn't even break the bone but it was enough to knock me off my feet. As I went down I blasted away in the general direction and the firing stopped so I'll assume I hit him.

My sergeant dressed my wound and gave me some morphine. Then we sat there while I had a few goes at my hipflask to steady my nerves.

"Now what? he asks me. "We'll press on with all speed." I told him. "That's the plan then is it? he says "We'll just walk really, really quickly". Indeed that was the plan.

"I could get one of the men to carry you on his shoulders." I think the morphine must have been taking effect. "Leave it out sergeant" I says "This is no time for party tricks". I had visions of an eight foot soldier with two heads wandering along.........very weird.

A few hundred metres further along and a HMG opened up from the right flank. The men were on form and suppressed it. I couldn't be bothered. I'm a rubbish shot with a rifle anyway and I'm certainly far worse one handed. I just stood there looking around while everybody else was being busy. No doubt bullets were whizzing around my head but I was intensely fascinated by this clump of grass with one red flower in the middle of it.

Then I decided that the people shooting at us needed a good telling off so I tried to go up the slope to tell them so. Luckily somebody hit me on the back of the knees and brought me down. Just as well. I'm pretty sure I heard a grenade go off while my head was bouncing off the ground.

All was well and off we went to do some harm.

The reason I'm writing this is because some people may have noticed the absence of Lucija from Ipernity lately and I/we want to explain why.

After her spell in the funny farm she's got an awful lot of legal work to catch up on not to mention chatting with the police about her perfidous ex-caregiver. The thing is, that she's also in a lot of pain. She's taking a lot of morphine and when the work stops she tends to fall asleep in minutes. So, if she's not been visting blogs or making comments I hope you'll understand.

She fell asleep in the middle of our conversation tonight but I'd already asked her if I could post this. If anybody has any questions I'm sure she'd respond to a PM. It just might take a while.