Lilica lives in a junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil, along with another dog, a cat, some chickens, a mule, and a human caretaker named Neile Vania Antonio, who found her abandoned as a pup and took her in. Every night, Lilica walks two miles to the home of Professor Lucia Helena de Souza, who takes care of 13 stray dogs and 30 cats. Lucia prepares a large meal, and Lilica eats some of it. Then she carries the rest two miles back home to share with her fellow junkyard dwellers. It’s a routine that has been going on every day for three years, according to this report. When she first started feeding Lilica, Lucia said, ”I realized that she ate and then stared at what was in the bag.” When a neighbor suggested that Lilica might want to take the rest home, Lucia tied up the bag and Lilica carried it home. “From that day on we do it,” said Lucia. Lucia meets Lilica every night at 9:30 pm. Lilica eats some of the meal and then carries the rest back down the highway and delivers it to her family. Lilica’s caretaker, Neile, said the dog’s spirit of sharing is more than she sees in some people. “People don’t do that. Some people hide and do not want to share what they have with others. She did not. Lilica is an exceptional animal.”