Sombre Reptile is a Progressive rock band from Bordeaux, formed by the brothers Jean-Paul & Michel Dedieu in 1977. Some twenty five years would be required before they released their first album "In Strum Mental" (2001). Firstly influenced by King Crimson ("Red" period), Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, the trio developped there quite more personal views. The rhythm base was strongly "ethnic" sounding and proved to be as enchanting as original. Dialogues between keyboards and guitar came in foreground of these seven medium-length, very dense and inspired instrumental pieces. Four years later, "Le Repli Des Ombres" takes yet a step upward: even though the sometimes tense atmospheres and an hypnotic side still remind of the first influences of the band, the latter has been able to develop its own personality. One example among others: the guitar sounds prove to be sometimes close to that of Allan Holdsworth. These six instrumental pieces show dreamy, enchanting and sensual atmospheres. Moreover, the sound is excellent, the famous Chris Birkett took care of it. Here is then a nice surprise with this refined Progressive ethno-rock that never loses sight of melodies. With the ten original tracks of its third album "Timeless Island", Sombre Reptile establishes an elegant relation between chilhood and music, both seeming to share its own universe and a timeless attitude.

01. Out of the Jungle
02. In Course of Time
03. Captain Marvin Is Missing
04. Voices in a Labyrinth
05. Elektrosaz
06. In Search of a Timeless Island (Ankiv)
07. Timeless Island 1 (Restful Mind)
08. Timeless Island 2 (Another Coloured World)
09. Timeless Island 3 (Vikna)
10. On the Sunny Side of Time

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