Zappa Plays Zappa - 2010-06-07 - Denver

Zappa Plays Zappa
Paramount Theater
Denver, CO

101. Intro
102. Stinkfoot
103. Mystery Roach
104. Lonely Little Girl
105. City Of Tiny Lights
106. Daddy Daddy Daddy
107. What Kind OF Girl Do You Think We Are?
108. Blessed Relief
109. Cosmik Debris
110. Dweezil Speak
111. The Blue Light
112. Pick Me I'm Clean
113. Eat That Question

201. Dweezil Speak
202. Advance Romance
203. Little House I Used To Live In
204. Latex Solar Beef
205. Apostrophe
206. Big Swifty
207. Easy Meat
208. Keep It Greasy
209. Crowd
210. Peaches En Regalia
211. I'm The Slime

Scheila Gonzalez: saxophone, flute, keyboards, vocals
Pete Griffin: bass, vocals
Billy Hulting: percussion, marimba, vocals
Jamie Kime: guitar, vocals
Joe Travers: drums, vocals
Ben Thomas: vocals
Chris Norman: keyboards, vocals

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