I could not believe it when I saw 3 little hummingbirds twitting away looking for food yesterday. So I went inside and made up 2 bottles of nectar for them.

It amazes me they are here. We have been so dang cold I cant even imagine how they survived this long freeze we have been in.

It is still down in the low 30's and even the 20's at night and it hasnt gone above 40 for over 2 weeks now.

I still have ice and snow on my driveway from the first snow we had over 2 weeks ago.

I sure hope these little guys have some warm shelter to hide in at night. I put up my christmas tree yesterday on my front porch...no room inside and besides that my two little demons would probably have pulled it down overnite...so its sits out on my front porch decocorated just a little bit with 2 strings of lights, some garland and a few ornaments. I am hoping this tree will give some protection for the little hummers if they want to take advantage of its branches.