We have been having a cold snap for over a week now. It got really cold last week, then it snowed on Friday into Saturday and we got almost 4 inches...then it froze on top of that...so now there is ice, snow, ice....it looks beautiful all pretty and white...but what a mess is has caused for me.

I have a pump house with a pump inside....my water comes from the creek and fills up a 500 gallon tank, from there the water is pumped to the pump house and then into my house...well the other night, the temps went dipping into the single digits and froze my water pipe somewhere between the tank and my pump.

Its a plastic pipe and its buried but not very deep. And in the middle of this 100 foot section there is a valve that keeps the water from running back into the big tank....well its made of brass and I think thats where the initial freeze happened. Its called a check valve and since there is so much ice and snow over the entire area...I cant get to it to see if I can unfreeze that section. But I am sure by now...since that was 2 days ago, more water has frozen in other parts of my pipe.

So I have no water...but lucky for me my creek is still flowing with only spots of ice covering it. My daughter and I went and got 2 pails of water and a couple of gallon jugs for inside use for my coffee and such....so at least I have water to flush the toilet...I just hope the sewer pipe and my septic tank arent frozen or I will be in big doo doo...lol

The temps here have been below 32 every night and all day long for over a week now. This morning I woke up at 9 and it was 14 outside and of course my fire in the woodstove went out too so it was a bit chilly in side my house as well....almost got frost bite on my fingers and toes...but its roaring now and its almost 70 inside but out its still 20 degrees Farenheit and the sun is shining so beautifully but of course it is a cold sun so nothing is thawing out.

More snow is predicted by Friday but the temps are supposed to get up above freezing by mid week...so I am hoping something thaws out in my pipe problems.

I will post some pictures of the snow, ice and everything else in a folder labeled Ice and snow....hope you enjoy looking and hope all are safe and warm in this god awful cold a lot of states have been expieriencing....oh and please excuse and typo's...I am not going to go and do a check on any spelling errors...I am sure you can figure out the words....hugs all my friends.