I took them to the vet yesterday and after 4 hours they told me to pick them up. I did and upon bringing them home...they were so disoritented and scared they didnt even know me or their home. It was terrible to see them shake and be so wobbly walking around. I stuck them back in their pet carrier and let them sleep off the anesthesia and after a couple more hours of sleep, they came out and were more themselves.

Little Jasper was the worst....he didnt want nothing to do with me....he hid under a china cabinet when I first let them loose and it was hard getting him to come to me. He was scared so bad....I knew the best thing to do was confine him till he got his bearings.

Oscar he purred like a steam engine but his body was shaking so bad and he wasnt walking too well either...but he seemed to know me.

They slept together by the woodstove all night as long as the fire kept the area warm for them. Now they are together in a box up on one of the chairs and cuddling to keep warm. I started the fire up again to get the house warm for them and for me...its cold in here.

The temps outside have been in the low 20's at night and as long as the fire is blazing the inside temp stays about 70 to 75 in here...but when it goes out...right now its only 64 and outside its up to 28. So I got it blazing again so I am sure the little fur kids will be by the stove to get their fur warmed up again....they love to lay by the woodstove and stay warm.

Tonite its supposed to start snowing. And the snow is going to continue all day into maybe the weekend. They predict we might get up to 4 inches or possibly more....I am loving it. I hope it does snow big time...we havent had a major snow storm in these parts for a few years....I cant wait for those snow flakes to start piling up atop one another and go out and do a snow angel but I dont think I can do it anymore...too old but I still think about it...lol. But I can probably make a snow man of some sort and I will try that if we get enough of the right snow to make it stick.

So friends here on Ipernity....caught you up on my fur babies...and the weather...lol. If it does snow...I will post pictures.

I hope all are enjoying your time and are safe and warm.