Yep, 2 new kittens. One is black the other a tabby with white face and feet and grey body. They are a hoot to watch as they play and fight with each other. I love it when they snuggle together to sleep....or when I am laying on the couch watching tv, they both come up to me and snuggle around my neck, shoulder and chest. They are my personal fur scarves....and I tell ya, they are warm.

Both are little boys, thank goodness. I have all females in my group of critters....both dogs are female and the other two cats I have are also female. So it will be a change to have some macho men in my house. And if what they are now like, being just babies, I can imagine what will happen when they grow up....terror on all fronts.

I will post pictures of them in my album because I just dont know how to do it here anymore. Things have changed on Ipernity and I have no idea what to do or how to do it anymore. I used to be able to copy and paste a picture onto my blog here, but I tried it the last time I wrote something and it didnt work....anyone tell me how I can post a picture with a blog?

The leaves are falling all around me and I have tons of pictures I took and my daughter took with my new Sony camera....the zoom is wonderful on can be far away from whatever you see and zoom it up right to your face....I love it. I think I have lost my camera thou, my daughter has taken over and now posessess my new camera all the time...she likes to walk up on the mountain just behind me and takes all kind of pictures on her walks. I will post some new pics on my album here and let you see what her eye catches.

Except for the new additions to my family all is well and nothing exciting going on. Oh yeah, the logging around my parts here in Oregon has gone up 100% and I am inendated with whisles blowing from 8am to whenever they stop working and log trucks rumbling down the road and it is very un-nerving and noisey....this is the worst I have seen and heard it in the 8 years I have lived in this house. Horrible noise and traffic.

And why is there no spell check...sorry about any mispelled

I hope all are well and enjoying this Fall weather. Hugs my friends.