So its already Oct and I have not even picked any apples off my tree yet. I have to do it before the frost comes and mushes them up....I think thats what happens if fruit freezes...right?

I have also been doing some canning. I went and bought 5 boxes of tomatoes to make some stewed tomatoes and salsa. I made one batch of each and I think I have enough salsa to last me the year. But I have to make a few more jars of my stewed tomatoes. I put that stuff into stews, soups, in spagetti sauce and anything that would taste better with some homemade stuff.

I have all my boxes on top of my hot tub since I dont use it anymore. I have a blanket covering them up so they dont freeze on me also. I cant see buying and spending money which is not easy to come by these days and really doesnt buy much these days either, to let it rot or freeze and then have to throw it out.

My youngest daughter will be taking half of the tomatoes home to do her canning. Its only 20 lbs per box but they are nice and big and really meaty fruit. I also bought some huge onions and bell peppers and a handful of hot jalopeno peppers. This is for cutting up into either sauce or salsa.

One thing I have found, the older I get the harder it is to do this work. It takes so much time to skin the tomatoes and then cut everything up and then put in a big pot and boil it until it is all day job and by the end of the day, my back is killing me and I have to take a few breaks to sit down and rest my aching body...mostly my back. And then when this is all done, I have to get the jars prepared and start filling them and hope they all seal....I have found a few over the years that go south and spoil but I am glad not that many or I would be really angry if I lost too many of my jars and ended up throwing them out. When the seal is popped, I dont ever use what is inside....I dont want to get sick or possibly die from botulisim.

So I got to trudge out into the back and pick my apples today...the temps are going down into the 30's and I dont want to lose even one apple. Will be making pies or just cut them up and bag em and freeze em for later use. Just depends on how lazy I