Today was the second time a rattle snake has appeared on my property and it was dealt with. The body is gone to the dumpter and the head is buried.

My middle daughter Vicky was going to the creek to take some pictures when she heard a rattle and in her mind she could remember from living at the ranch what it meant...a rattle snake was close by. Lucky for her she didnt step down or she would have been bit. She called to me and I was in the house with the 2 dogs, luckily and I heard her the second yell for me. I go up there and she points to some underbrush and there is a snake all curled up ready to strike. Of course she is scared to death because she almost got bit. One more foot down and the fangs would have been in her leg.

I got to the house and call my son in law Dale and tell him to hurry over and kill a snake for us. He comes and I hand him my small gun, but without being able to get a good shot of it, he says he cant shoot I get a metal post about 6 feet long and he stabs that snake just behind the head....lucky stab for sure.

We are all safe for now....but I am sure this wont be the last snake to venture into my space. We need to be more vigilant now for sure. Living near the woods like I do and the creek, I know there will be more snakes and wild critters coming in to my yard. I just hope we see them in time before they get us.

I was going to insert some pictures of the snake, but I guess I cant do that now. Ipenity wont let me unless its on one of my picture albums.