Way back when multiply first closed it doors to the bloggers a theory floating around was that Multiply was bought in order to destroy it because it became competition for the other Indonesian and Philipines selling sites... and low and behold... Multiply is now Closed, the other selling sites are being recommended and poor Stefan is out of a job. Oh how the mighty has fallen.

This may be old news to some but as most people know I live in a cave and therefore am usually the last to find things out..... but this has really irked me. More so because they could have just shut the selling site and kept Multiply as a social networking site and made it premium.. most of us would have paid the small amount for a premium account.. this would have paid for itself. Given how big it was a social networking site it could very well have rivalled facebook, but then maybe that was another reason it was shut down. Remove the competition before it starts snapping around the heels of your own interests.

What they sneakily did was come in and dismantle it. First they took away the social networking aspect of Multiply, and this took away the customers for the sellers. And then they took away the whole damn market place, all to protect the interests of other businesses and possibly a bigger social networking site.

I guess Stefan has been slapped with his Karma stick as he is now out of a job, and well, I replied sarcastically on Twitter and then felt bad when I got a response *sigh*... I must work on the bitch gene. That missing gene aside, he is living proof that what comes around goes around.... although he did say it was his team that was responsible for us all keeping multiply for a year more than we should have done.

It just annoys me as we all had such a nice little home on Multiply. Okay it wasn't perfect, but no social networking site really compares, and as such, many of us have moved on and rarely stay in touch, which is a huge shame.