Bobby Darin (Cassotto) invented The Ding Dongs "Early in the Morning" (Bobby Darin - Woody Harris) because he was under contract to Atlantic Records with one week left in his agreement and wanted to issue it after approaching Brunswick Records who were duly impressed with the tune. Once his Atlantic label found out, they forced the Brunswick label to turn over the masters to Atlantic's Atco Records and had it released as "The Rinky Dinks". In the U.K. Bobby Darin's own name was used on Coral where it competed with the Buddy Holly cover in 1958. Sam "The Man" Taylor is on alto saxophone.

Buddy Holly (Holley) rush-recorded the cover at the same studio days after the violation between Mr. Darin and his label. The session was recorded as an experiment in stereo but never released as such so it was the mono version that hit the top forty in 1958. It was around this time that Buddy was putting distance between himself and The Crickets.