Sam Phillips' brother was Judd Phillips of Judd Records, the company that in 1960 released "Shelia" (sp) by Tommy Roe and school mates The Satins (Mike Clark, Bobby West). Tommy wrote the song when he was fourteen as "Sweet Little Frieda". He was married and had a baby in his last year of high school so was reluctant to leave his job a General Electric to tour.

The re-recorded hit by Tommy Roe was issued by ABC-Paramount, "Sheila" topped the charts in 1962. I think Buddy Holly would have smiled if he heard the tune. After touring England in 1963 Tommy came back anxious to have his record company sign this group he toured with. The executives were not impressed by The Beatles. After listening to less than one album track Sam Clark of ABC said “I tell you what kid …let us be the talent scout, that’s got to be the worst piece of crap that I’ve ever heard in my life, we’ll find the talent, you just go back to your nice room at The Waldorf Hotel with the nice TV and write us some more hit songs.