Joni James (Giovanna Babbo) recorded "Have You Heard" (Lew Douglas - Charlie LaVere - Roy Rodde) in 1952, the year it was published. It peaked at number four on Billboard in January of 1953 and was one of seven top ten hits in her career. Joni was the first American to record at London's Abbey Road Studios. “As kids, we used to sit on the stoop in Brooklyn and harmonize. I used to imitate Joni James,” Barbra told Life magazine in 1970. “I also ... sang her hit, ‘Have You Heard,’ at club auditions, but I didn't really want to sound like her,” Barbra Streisand elaborated to the New York Times.

New Jersey's Duprees (lead Joey Canzano, Michael Arnone, Joe Santollo, John Salvato and Tom Bialoglow) top twenty cover came in 1963. To date there is still a group using the name but none of the original members.