Talented composer Ned Miller wrote "Dark Moon". This is the man who hit with "From a Jack to a King" and "Do What You Do, Do Well". His tune "Invisible Tears" became a hit for the Ray Conniff Singers.

Bonnie Guitar (Buckingham) peaked at number six on Billboard in 1957. Recorded a year earlier it was released originally on Fabor Records where she was a session player, then "Dark Moon" was distributed nationally by Randy Wood's Dot label. It's been said that Bonnie gave up her royalties just to record this tune. Later in the decade Bonnie and appliance salesman Bob Reisdorf founded Dolton Records where you'll find The Ventures, The Fleetwoods and Vic Dana.

Bonnie's label-mate at Dot Records, the charming Gale Storm took "Dark Moon" to number four. This was Gale's last big hit.