Born in Lord Melody (Fitzroy Alexander) recorded the original "Mama Look at Boo-Boo" as "Boo-Boo Man" (Lord Melody) in 1956 for the album "Calypso Festival - Limbo in Trinidad". In the sixties he toured with Harry Belafonte.

Born in Harlem, New York activist, humanitarian, actor and singer Harry Belafonte (Bellanfanti) lived the first years of his life in Jamaica with his grandmother. When he returned to NYC and attended the American Negro Theatre in the forties he and Sidney Poitier became close friends. Harry paid for his acting classes by singing in clubs. According to Wikipedia the first time he appeared in front of an audience he was backed by Charlie Parker, Max Roach and Miles Davis! His first cover was recorded as "Mama Look a Bubu" was recorded in 1957 and peaked at number eleven on Billboard.