Once nicknamed "Cloclo" Claude Francois co-wrote "Comme d'habitude" (As Usual) in 1967 (Claude Francois - Jacques Revaux). Virtually an unknown in English speaking North America, Claude sold seventy million discs throughout his career.

From one of many concert performances the legendary Paul Anka sings "My Way" (Anka - Francois - Revaux) to which he added the English lyric.

Although Paul Anka didn't think The King should record the song, Elvis Presley's 1977 CBS special "Elvis in Concert:" featured "My Way". The release after Elvis' death reached number twenty-two, the second position on the Country chart and number six on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Frank Sinatra was thinking of retirement when Paul Anka presented him with the song written especially for the Chairman of the Board. It was recorded in 1968, released in 1969 and reached Billboard's top thirty, number two on the Easy Listening chart. This is "class" on a vinyl!